We have worked hard and traveled far to assemble our vintage control room and mic locker with high performance, flexible pieces from all over the country.

Control Room:

Sound Workshop 34C discreet 24-channel/24-bus analog mixing console c.1985, restored

Focal CMS-65 near-field control monitors

Sony/MCI JH-24 multitrack tape machine, 2" 24-track with Autolocator III

Otari MTR-10 half-inch 4-track quarter-track tape machine (big 1/8" tracks!)

Otari MTR-12 quarter-inch 2-track half-track mastering tape machine

Grove Hill Liverpool Vari Mu tube compressors (2 channels)

CAPI VP312 mic pre (2 channels)

CAPI VP25 mic pre (2 channels)

CAPI VP28 mic pre (2 channels)

Valley Audio 401 mic pre/EQ/compressors (2 channels)

DBX 1066 Compressor/Gate/Limiter/Expander (8 channels)

MicMix Master Room XL-210 vintage 1970s spring reverb (2 channels)

Tascam SS-R200 solid state recorder

Sound Workshop MDE-1 stereo vocal EQ

Patchable vintage API transformers (2 channels)

Dolby A, 361 compander/aural exciter with modified Cat. 22 cards (3 channels)

AVID 16x16 native HD converters

Dangerous Music 2 Buss LT. 16 channels of analog summing


Beyerdynamic MC-930 small diaphragm condenser, stereo pair

Beyerdynamic M88-NC vintage small diaphragm dynamic

Mojave Audio MA-100 small diaphragm condenser (valve) with hand-built power supplies, stereo pair

Nakamichi CM-100 small diaphragm condenser, stereo pair

RØDE K2 large diaphragm condenser (valve)

Sennheiser MD421 ii large diaphragm dynamic, pair

Shure SM7B large diaphragm dynamic

Shure 315 vintage NOS ribbon, pair


1959 Hammond B3 Organ with pedals and Leslie 147 rotating speaker

Wheatstone SP6a analog mixing console.

Leslie 825 rotating speaker with 1/4" instrument/mic input (with Leslie Combo Preamp II)

Gretsch Renown birch drum kit, Zildjian A cymbals

Beyerdynamic DT-770 headphones

Sennheiser HD-800 headphones

Real reverb chambers