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Things have to contact to create a sound or vibration. That’s as important to me as having to touch each instrument to play it. In turn, a needle has to be on the record, the machine head having to connect with the cassette. It’s hugely relevant. I like the thought of people experiencing the music via these means.
Michel Dupay

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Located in Portland, Maine, Prism Analog seeks to inclusively engage local musicians and artists by providing performance and gallery space, music lessons, and recording services through grants, community donations, and subsidized pricing.

We work with bands, youth groups, schools, and more. We’re open to your grant-funded sound and music projects, especially those which serve kids, New Mainers, and others in the margins, so please get in touch! We can help you write your grant or develop a proposal.

We are also open to the public for analog studio recording— please contact us about your project!