Donor Spotlight: Audimute

What is the secret ingredient of any magical musical space? Yes, it’s the musicians, the songs, but it is the acoustics of the space that truly transform a good performance into a special one. A key ingredient to this sonic recipe is the use of acoustic sound panels that dampen and regulate the sound.

We are pleased to announce Auditmute’s generous donation of acoustic panels to our wonderful space in downtown Portland, Maine! Audimute is a known leader in this technology, where you can see their materials being used at recording studios, concert halls, and anywhere where people desire world-class sound.

We thank President of Audimute, Mitch Zlotnik, for his belief in our organization:

“I am so glad to help be a part of your success.  We welcome the opportunity to lend my experience and expertise to your vision for Prism! “

We will be sharing more photos of this transformation over the coming weeks!

What's New at Prism Analog? Summer 2017 Edition.

What's New at Prism Analog? Summer 2017 Edition.

We've been busy here at Prism Analog! Here's what we have been up to over the past few months:

  • We are in the process of obtaining our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status which will allow us to apply for several grants and may be the wind in our sails that we need to be fully viable as a recording studio going forward. This is huge, and we are looking for any help in the areas of grant-writing and navigating the tax-exempt process.
  • We are also preparing our second large fundraiser at Urban Farm Fermentory, Saturday August 26th. Please let us know if your band wants to play a set!
  • Click below for more summer updates!

Dan Stuart to Kickoff Prism Analog Concert Series June 2!

Dan Stuart to Kickoff Prism Analog Concert Series June 2!

Dan Stuart and Tom Heyman will be traveling from Maine to Manhattan looking for the little things that stand out and the big things that don't, cozy diners and cheap hotels, pawnshops and record stores, the habitual haunts of musicians everywhere. Come evening they'll tune their guitars and play songs old and new, telling stories gleaned from decades in what was once known as the music business, but what is now simply referred to as "the life"... just like the grifters, gamblers and prostitutes of old. No matter, they say the best things in this world are if not exactly free, then available for pennies on the dollar, just like Stuart and Heyman who will be appearing at the very fine establishments listed below:

June 2: Portland ME, Prism Analog

Prism Analog is Hiring a PT STudio assistant!

We are a not-for-profit offering a limited number of hours weekly for an eager learner with a basic to intermediate level of experience with recording studio fundamentals.

The PT Studio Assistant position is an opportunity for a motivated, technical mind with patience, a sense of humor, and a powerful respect for the old school. Some commercial studio or advanced home studio experience desired. Some analog recording experience preferred.

Prism Analog Pre-Opening Introductory Rates

Introductory studio time specials! Please refer to item number below and your estimated date(s) so I can be sure to get you on the books. Prism Analog will be offering these services starting March, 2017.

1. Half-Day Live to 2-Track! $225

4 1/2 hours in the studio, recording to quarter-inch 2-track tape. This is the most spontaneous and budget-friendly recording option. It's how almost everything was done in the 50s and 60s. Great package for an EP! New quarter-inch master is YOURS to keep after the session. Digital courtesy mixdown files provided.

  • Must be taken in one 4.5-hour increment.


2. Full Day Studio Time BYO Engineer. $275

Use our 2" tape or buy a spool if you prefer to keep the tracking master. 

Mixdown (NEW quarter-inch) tape is YOURS to keep! 

BYO is not a service Prism will roll out right away, so take advantage of these low-cost studio days! 

  • Must be used in one 9-hour increment. 
  • We require your engineer to receive a tutorial on use of the tape machines at Prism before the session.


3. Full Day Studio Time, Free Mixdown Tape! $375

One 9-hour day at Prism Analog-- tracking, mixing or both! 

Use our 2" tracking tape or purchase your own if you prefer to keep the tracking master. 

Mixdown tape (NEW quarter-inch) is YOURS to keep.

Includes 2 tix to Prism Analog Opening Party.

  • Must be used in one 9-hour day.


4. Record and Mix 5 Songs at Prism! $700

Full service recording and mixdown. Recording is onto 2" tape or live to quarter-inch, mix-down onto quarter-inch tape.

Record onto OUR master 2" tape (or purchase your own if you prefer to record on virgin tape AND keep your tracking master). 

Mixdown quarter-inch tape is YOURS to keep.

Includes 2 tix to Prism Analog Opening Party.

  • Limit 12 tracks per song (24-tracks possible if purchasing additional tape or limiting total recorded material to 30 minutes). 
  • Time must be used in full day increments. Limit of 2 (two) 9-hour studio days.

Help Us Build our Control Room Dec. 26-31!

The next step at Prism is to build the control room which will house the mixing console, effects rack, monitor speakers, and both tape machines. And a whole lot of wiring! We'll be tackling this project in between Christmas and the New Year so if you'd like to donate time to help out, please get in touch! Tasks include light electrical work, framing, finish carpentry, soldering and wiring of the console patch bay.

Why Analog? Why Now?

These days, no analog-only studio should still exist. But they do. Why?

When brainstorming the Prism idea, I was politely discouraged at just about every turn. And it still might be a terrible idea, but I think there's room-- room in the economic pond of music production in upper New England, but also room in the artist's toolbox for some fundamentally different tools and methods.

When people ask 'why analog?', the three things I come back to are:

  • Preservation of Sound
  • Preservation of Masters
  • Preservation of Process

In response to the question 'why now?', my feeling is that our society is finally coming out of a digital convenience coma. 

Barter Your Man-Power for Studio Time!

Prism is calling all of you who are handy with a nail gun, soldering iron, tweaker and/or signal generator! As we ramp up the opening of PA, we have a long list of tasks that we'd love help with and we're prepared to offer an hour of studio time with engineer ($50 value) for every three hours spent helping us get through our list! Projects include patchbay wiring, cable-soldering, and control room construction.

Banked studio time does not include tape (2-track 1/4" live recording or multi-track 2" ATR brand). Hours should be booked in blocks of 4 or more if possible. Get in touch!