Help Us Build our Control Room Dec. 26-31!

The next step at Prism is to build the control room which will house the mixing console, effects rack, monitor speakers, and both tape machines. And a whole lot of wiring! We'll be tackling this project in between Christmas and the New Year so if you'd like to donate time to help out, please get in touch! Tasks include light electrical work, framing, finish carpentry, soldering and wiring of the console patch bay.

We're fortunate to be working with a non-resonant cement slab floor (without a basement) so there's no need to float the floor. We're using one existing cement block wall and two existing framed walls which will get a double wall, then we are creating a double wall for the front (window) wall of the control room using a combination of drywall and plywood. We've been donated a very nice 5x5 double-paned gas-filled window, and we're still looking for a door, but might end up making one to achieve the needed density. Sound treatments come next, and eventually we'll get some cabinets mounted in there for tapes and mics. 

We're still looking for instrument and amp donations too, as well as mic stands, booms and mic cables!