What's New at Prism Analog? Summer 2017 Edition.

We've been busy here at Prism Analog! Here's what we have been up to over the past few months:

  • We are in the process of obtaining our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status which will allow us to apply for several grants and may be the wind in our sails that we need to be fully viable as a recording studio going forward. This is huge, and we are looking for any help in the areas of grant-writing and navigating the tax-exempt process.
  • We are also preparing our second large fundraiser at Urban Farm Fermentory, Saturday August 26th. Please let us know if your band wants to play a set!
  • We've been working very hard to bring you three live shows recorded live-to-tape in front of a studio audience! In June we hosted Dan Stuart and Tom Heyman with Erik Nielson opening. July saw The Cards open for Snaex, and this Friday we will host Thalia Zedek's "A Band Called E" with support from Hunter Finden. The shows are all $5 and proceeds go to Prism. These monthly shows are intimate and fun, BYOB. Details of upcoming shows are on FaceBook, as well as audio from previous performances!
  • We have welcomed Joh Kyle aboard as studio assistant and Laila Fatimi and Alex Cuadros are handling our volunteer roster and live events. I couldn't do this stuff without these three!
  • We bid farewell to our beloved Studer A800 multitrack tape machine after a frustrating and expensive chapter of several months trying to find a technician to maintain and troubleshoot various things. There simply isn't anyone who is both able and willing to come to Maine and service the machine beyond what we are able to do in-house. BUT we found a lovely MCI JH-24 with Autolocator III in Massachusetts that our best buddy, Gary Jamieson, is wiring into our Soundworkshop 34C board with a lot of logistical help from Rich Smith. We are stoked! And this machine is far easier to work on, source parts, and find hive-mind support from other users due to its ubiquity.
  • We moved into the final phase of studio preparation, sound treatments! We fitted out one entire long wall of our rectangular live room with luxurious red velvet curtains which add wonderful sound absorption plus a dramatic look! Currently we are building a dozen sound panels from clear pine and rockwool with black wool textile.
  • We had a really fun Soldering Party where we built 15 microphone cables which were desperately needed. When working on tedious tasks, it's always helpful having a brewery (Lone Pine) across the street!
  • Speaking of soldering, Gary Jamieson re-lamped our entire console over the course of the past few months! That's 26 meters, each with two bulbs that needed to be specially sourced and soldered in! It is a thing of beauty and we can't thank him enough.
  • We're working with Australian band, The Sheikhs, to fatten their latest studio album, mix using our analog infrastructure at Prism. This is a fun project and we look forward to sharing the results.

As always, thank you for your support, we are truly a community effort, and if you would like to become involved, please get in touch!

-Nick Johnson