Donor Spotlight: Audimute

What is the secret ingredient of any magical musical space? Yes, it’s the musicians, the songs, but it is the acoustics of the space that truly transform a good performance into a special one. A key ingredient to this sonic recipe is the use of acoustic sound panels that dampen and regulate the sound.

We are pleased to announce Auditmute’s generous donation of acoustic panels to our wonderful space in downtown Portland, Maine! Audimute is a known leader in this technology, where you can see their materials being used at recording studios, concert halls, and anywhere where people desire world-class sound.

We thank President of Audimute, Mitch Zlotnik, for his belief in our organization:

“I am so glad to help be a part of your success.  We welcome the opportunity to lend my experience and expertise to your vision for Prism! “

We will be sharing more photos of this transformation over the coming weeks!