A New, New Home-- Downtown!

When our “new home” on Bell Street was seized by the Feds, Prism Analog became homeless. On January 7th, after hundreds of hours had been put into demoing the raw warehouse space, we arrived to find the locks had been changed and “no trespassing” signs (with contact info for the US Marshals office) were posted on the doors.

And for nearly 6 months, that is where things have sat: locked out, with our equipment effectively seized. In that time we’ve looked high and low for a new home, not willing to leave Portland and hoping for another shot. We checked out several properties and took a hard look at our requirements and our hopes/dreams for what our new home should, and could, be. Some were close fits, some not so much.

Until we discovered a true gem of a storefront not unlike Sam Phillips’ Memphis Recording Service and ON THE PENINSULA! In fact “Prism 2.0” is just a block in from Monument Square across the street from Slab, next door to Dutch’s diner, and two doors down from Arcadia National Bar (vintage video games)! We are also in close proximity to Acadia Recording Co. on Hanover St. and Maine Academy of Modern Music and The Studio on Casco St. as well as MECA and their fab Crewe Foundation studio.

We’ll be working all summer (in glorious Air Conditioning) to get Prism Analog ready for recording action, but in the mean time we will do everything we can to burst out of the gate running! Living room shows, grant-funded projects, student interns, art openings, screenings, first Friday art walk, affordable practice space, workshops, and consignment of music gear and vinyl— all these and more are on the table for the summer!

Keep an eye out for the Atari 2600 wall (for when Arcadia is closed).

To make this all even more exciting, we will be announcing our new Board of Directors this month! With 7 members confirmed and a few others expressing interest in joining in the coming weeks, we will have a solid and motivated board going into the summer to organize volunteers, manage fundraising, provide community outreach, and set programming. Not to mention managing the space buildout, finances, and new business. If you’ve wanted to get involved, now is a very exciting time!

Look for a board bio in the coming weeks and stop in to see us at 34 Preble St.!

Big Love,

Nick Johnson, Exec. Director