Prism Analog Pre-Opening Introductory Rates

Introductory studio time specials! Please refer to item number below and your estimated date(s) so I can be sure to get you on the books. Prism Analog will be offering these services starting March, 2017.

1. Half-Day Live to 2-Track! $225

4 1/2 hours in the studio, recording to quarter-inch 2-track tape. This is the most spontaneous and budget-friendly recording option. It's how almost everything was done in the 50s and 60s. Great package for an EP! New quarter-inch master is YOURS to keep after the session. Digital courtesy mixdown files provided.

  • Must be taken in one 4.5-hour increment.


2. Full Day Studio Time BYO Engineer. $275

Use our 2" tape or buy a spool if you prefer to keep the tracking master. 

Mixdown (NEW quarter-inch) tape is YOURS to keep! 

BYO is not a service Prism will roll out right away, so take advantage of these low-cost studio days! 

  • Must be used in one 9-hour increment. 
  • We require your engineer to receive a tutorial on use of the tape machines at Prism before the session.


3. Full Day Studio Time, Free Mixdown Tape! $375

One 9-hour day at Prism Analog-- tracking, mixing or both! 

Use our 2" tracking tape or purchase your own if you prefer to keep the tracking master. 

Mixdown tape (NEW quarter-inch) is YOURS to keep.

Includes 2 tix to Prism Analog Opening Party.

  • Must be used in one 9-hour day.


4. Record and Mix 5 Songs at Prism! $700

Full service recording and mixdown. Recording is onto 2" tape or live to quarter-inch, mix-down onto quarter-inch tape.

Record onto OUR master 2" tape (or purchase your own if you prefer to record on virgin tape AND keep your tracking master). 

Mixdown quarter-inch tape is YOURS to keep.

Includes 2 tix to Prism Analog Opening Party.

  • Limit 12 tracks per song (24-tracks possible if purchasing additional tape or limiting total recorded material to 30 minutes). 
  • Time must be used in full day increments. Limit of 2 (two) 9-hour studio days.

Barter Your Man-Power for Studio Time!

Prism is calling all of you who are handy with a nail gun, soldering iron, tweaker and/or signal generator! As we ramp up the opening of PA, we have a long list of tasks that we'd love help with and we're prepared to offer an hour of studio time with engineer ($50 value) for every three hours spent helping us get through our list! Projects include patchbay wiring, cable-soldering, and control room construction.

Banked studio time does not include tape (2-track 1/4" live recording or multi-track 2" ATR brand). Hours should be booked in blocks of 4 or more if possible. Get in touch!